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Care & Maintenance

The main highlight of composite decking is how little maintenance it requires. What is needed for cleaning a composite deck is little more than a garden hose. This is among the most important reasons for the popularity of composite decking. For added protection against staining and mildew build up, consult your local retailer about deck cleaning products, following all instructions carefully. Rinsing carefully after cleaning and ensuring proper drainage is very important. Trapped moisture spells trouble for any deck.

You can employ pressure washing to clean any material that has clung to the surface of your composite decking. Use only recommended cleaning products as advised by your local retailers, and make sure that you use the appropriate cleaner specifically made for composite decking.  Apply the cleaning agent on a small part of your deck to check to see if it causes any discoloration or deterioration to the surface. An important part of your eco-friendly choice in decking is the proper and responsible disposal of any cleaning products which have been used.